10 thoughts on “Catch a Wave

    1. Hi Yves,

      Thanks! The answer, most likely, is yes! But first please send me more details on where and how you intend to use it, and whether it is a nonprofit or for-profit venture. Thanks!

  1. Also interested in the Catch a Wave Design.
    You really need a proper contact form.
    I will await your email to me.

  2. Emily, love “catch a wave”
    Part of a small swimfit group of women who swim in Atlantic in West of Ireland
    Would like to use your image for our WhatsApp group
    Captures momentum and delight of swimming

    1. Hi Lorraine!
      Thanks for reaching out and sounds like a fun and adventurous group! Unfortunately “catch a wave” cannot be used without purchase of the logo. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing this image or a custom logo for use on across all media!

  3. I would also like to use your logo on a flyer for a non-profit counseling organization. Would that be okay?

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